Mission overview

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Cardiff will carry out the following missions to contribute towards solving the City’s challenges.

Mission 1: A Collaborative City

Ensure people have an opportunity to be involved in Cardiff’s Smart City Transformation.

  • Collaborate and explore better ways to engage with the City
  • Engage with employees to maximise outcomes
  • Tackle digital exclusion and digital literacy
  • Commit to partnership working

Mission 2: A Data-Driven City

Use data to improve decision-making, provide better services and promote innovation in the city.

  • Use data more effectively
  • Invest in and develop data skills
  • Make data more openly available
  • Develop public trust in the sharing and use of data

Mission 3: A Connected City

Ensure connectivity is future proofed, resilient and improved so that our digital infrastructure can compete with the best in the UK.

  • Improve fibre infrastructure
  • Embed Cardiff Internet Exchange into the region
  • Ensure the smooth roll out of 5G & enhance mobile connectivity
  • Harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Mission 4: A Mobile & Sustainable City

Use technology and innovation to improve the city’s transport infrastructure and support Cardiff in becoming a low carbon city.

  • Use the latest technology to keep Cardiff moving
  • Explore infrastructure requirements for autonomous vehicles
  • Develop smarter infrastructure and smarter built environments
  • Implement smart energy infrastructure

Mission 5: A Healthy City

Ensure that public services are joined up and that people stay healthy and independent.

  • Use digital technology to support users to remain independent
  • Co-design health technologies
  • Join up public services
  • Use technology to improve physical activity and improve well-being

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